Grand Slam Sugarpova Chocolate Ice Cream Pretzels

At nine months pregnant, I was asked to do a write up on chocolate. Seriously, there was no way I was saying no to that offer. The chocolate, Sugarpova, turned out to be a new venture by Maria Sharapova, who has won 35 singles titles and five Grand Slam titles in tennis – a Russian tennis superstar. Little did they know that not only am I a huge chocolate fan (and really who isn’t), but I’m also a huge tennis fan. Combine the two and compound it with pregnancy, and you’ve got a recipe for something kind of sinful.

SUG_Chocolate_Counter1Well, before I could even get around to making something with the chocolate bars that arrived on my doorstep on a very hot summer afternoon in July, I went from being pregnant to being a mom. Days turned into weeks and finally a month before I could make my chocolate tennis dream into a reality.

Maybe it was the late nights, maybe it’s the lack of sleep, or just the fact that I need some sort of sugar to keep me going at 4pm when I’m about to crash, but I was able to (finally) put together a simple yet delicious recipe using Sharapova’s Sugarpova chocolate bars (that has such a great ring to it!) that hit all the notes I need in a sweet treat. Oh and did I mention that it’s ridiculously simple to make (take it from me who made it with a 4 week old baby on her hip!)

Sugarpova_4BarsNextToEachOther0000But before I share the recipe, let me tell you about this premium chocolate that Maria Sharapova decided to venture into thanks to her sweet tooth. All Sugarpova bars are made with natural ingredients, are Non GMO, Halal, and is crafted by Baron Chocolatier of Poland (did I ever mention I’m Polish – I swear this was a match made in heaven!) On each bar (flavors range from premium Dark Chocolate – my favorite – to coconut and even strawberry flavored), Sharapova says:

“For years I have traveled the world, not just as an international tennis player, but as a love of all things sweet, searching for that perfect chocolate. After much exploration, I have selected the expert European Chocolatiers at Baron to create Sugarpova Premium Chocolates, curating cocoa beans of the highest quality and turning them into the perfect melt-in-your-mouth bar. The result: Chocolates that are deliciously indulgent, one perfect bite after another.”

"Maria Sharapova Sugarpova Chocolate Launch At The Chicago Sweets & Snacks Expo"
“CHICAGO, IL – MAY 24: Maria Sharapova attends the Maria Sharapova Sugarpova Chocolate launch at the Chicago Sweets & Snacks Expo on May 24, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for Sugarpova)”

Now, since I tend to offer healthy recipes on this blog, I will let you know that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, has a number of health benefits for your heart, including lowering LDL (aka “bad” cholesterol), lowering blood pressure, and your risk for heart disease. It also contains polyphenols which help blood flow and may help improve brain function and memory retention. (So if eating chocolate because it’s delicious wasn’t getting you to go for the ace, then these health tidbits should!)

DSC_0310Grand Slam Sugarpova Chocolate Ice Cream Pretzels 

2 Bars of Sugarpova Chocolate (I chose Strawberry and Milk Chocolate)
1 Bag of Small Pretzels
1 Pint of your favorite ice cream (I went old school with Tahitian Vanilla)

Over a double boiler, break up the Sugarpova chocolate bars and stir, slowly melting the chocolate. Be sure the water is simmering and not touching the bottom of the glass bowl. As you melt the chocolate, take the ice cream out of the freezer. You want to thaw it just a little bit, but not so much that it’s melting.

On a piece of parchment, begin to line up your pretzels (before you do this make sure the pan you’re laying them on can fit in your freezer!) Place a teaspoon of ice cream on each pretzel and then top with another pretzel to make a sandwich. Quickly begin to dip the sandwiches into the melted chocolate (or you can cover the first side with chocolate, freeze for an hour or two until set, then flip over and cover the second side, freezing for an additional two hours to set.) Freeze the sandwiches for at least an hour until they’re set.

Finally, enjoy. It’s salty, sweet, and frozen – the perfect summer snack that I hope Maria Sharapova would enjoy.