Video: Yoga for Tight Upper Back

yoga for upper backSitting at your desk for too long? What about sitting in traffic? Yea, it sucks! And your back doesn’t like it either. Hence the society that we live in where we’re all hunched over and complaining of chronic and upper back pain. I’ve heard your call (including my own back) and wanted to share a quick yoga routine for a tight upper back.

Unfortunately, a tight upper back can lead to a number of issues including headaches, a collapsed chest (and therefore a collapsed heart), and poor posture (which is both a cause and an effect). By relaxing and strengthening the muscles in our upper back, shoulders, and neck we will be able to improve our posture, open the chest, and relieve sore muscles.

You can do it sitting in your chair at work, on the couch, on a mat, wherever and it takes less than 5 minutes! Let me know what you think and what issues you’d like to see focused on in the future. I’ll be sure to get them live for you so that we can all lead a happier life, which includes a happy and healthy body!


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