Finding Mother Nature Inside of Us

This past Saturday morning, I laid in bed and listened to one of my favorite Podcasts from Margaret Roach from A Way to Garden talk about acorns. Yes, acorns. I had been especially interested in this story because the backyard (and front yard) of our new house was completely covered in them. Way more than what we thought was there just a year ago when we moved in.

mother natureWe were wondering if we had missed something – maybe the seller hid all the acorns before we moved in? How could we have missed that! But, we didn’t. Turns out, this year has been a mast year for maples, which means that they’ve produced an abundance of acorns. It’s Mother Nature at her best, as we humans just try and figure out why.

Well, Dr. Rick Ostfeld gave us the inside scoop on what makes these not so little seeds an intrinsic part of our ecosystem. No, they’re not just headaches (literally when they fall on your head), acorns are the telltale signs for for an increase or decrease in rodents such as mice, squirrels and chipmunks (even though I can’t bring myself to call chipmunks rodents), song birds, ticks, Gypsy Moths, and lyme disease! Who knew?

I’m not going to go over the details here, I would recommend tuning in yourself to the podcast, but what I found most intriguing was that as humans, we feel like we know so much, that we understand everything, and that this Earth that we’re living on is something to live on, not with.

mother natureWhat struck me was the way Mother Nature balances herself and how us humans, as smart as we are, can’t seem to figure out all the pieces to the puzzle until years later and then even years later, we find even more connections. What was even more fascinating to me was that not only are we more likely in the dark when it comes to Mother Nature’s agenda, but that it all works without us even intervening.

This thought reminded me to trust nature and my own instincts. Nature is constantly changing, evolving, nourishing, all while remaining true to itself. Our natural instincts are reminiscent of Mother Nature. When we stay true to ourselves and allow ourselves to let go, trust, change, evolve, and nourish ourselves and others, it’s at those moments when we feel at peace. Just like the great maple in your backyard changing colors, allowing the leaves and acorns to fall to grow and support new life.

It’s ok to let go. It’s ok to evolve. Listen to Mother Nature’s calling deep inside you to help you find your way.

Until next time, Bee Well, 

Melissa xoxo

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