Top 5 Ways to Make Nutella a Part of a Healthy Breakfast – Just for Chrissy Teigen

Nutella The other day while watching one of my favorite daytime TV shows on DVR (The Chew!), one of my other favorite foodie celebs, Chrissy Teigen, happened to be on the show, talking about her love of food. Clinton Kelly then brought up some controversy that she had started with “Italian Hazelnut Spread” lovers. Teigen, in her very nonchalant way said that people need to just admit that they’re eating fudge for breakfast. No big deal, just admit it.

In honor of Chrissy Teigen’s comment, I thought of the top five ways Nutella could actually be considered worthy of a “healthy breakfast.” Because really, I’d do anything to have Nutella for breakfast everyday if it was actually healthy… and not like eating fudge at 8:00am on a Tuesday.

(Warning: This post is for those that have a sense of humor and know that a balanced diet equals a balanced life.)

Top 5 Ways to Make Nutella a Part of a Healthy Breakfast – Just for Chrissy

  1. Nutella – Banana – Whole Wheat Toast – Flax Seeds : This lovely combination just highlights the hazelnut spread and glosses over its nutritional downfalls by adding lots of fiber thanks to the banana and whole wheat toast. Top with those brain saving omega-3s from the flax seeds and it’s a win-win.With this combination, no one will even notice that you put a little fudge, I mean Nutella, on your morning breakfast.
  2. Nutella Smoothie: When you blend up ingredients like fruits, some greens, hemp protein, cholera, and maybe even some tofu, no one will have any idea that you actually loaded up on the Nutella by 2:1. Just make sure the smoothie is green (you’ll look like you’re on your A game walking into work), but remember, don’t let anyone smell it because you’ll be quickly outed and then the jig will be up!
  3.  Nutella – Peanut Butter – Berries – English Muffin: This might be my favorite, especially if you’re going strong that morning with a long run. A slight variation on #1, but with a little more oomph on the nutritional front. Spread the Nutella on the bottom of the english muffin, top it with a bunch of peanut butter, than lots of berries, and no one will have any idea that you’re fiber rich breakfast actually packs a big sugary punch.
  4. Nutella – Oatmeal – Almonds – Pumpkin: This fall favorite will be your trick or treat all year long. Make a nice bowl of steel cut oats, sneakily add in a tablespoon of Nutella, then top with almonds and pumpkin puree. The key is to mix in the Nutella and not layer it on top, we’re trying to look healthy here!
  5. Scrambled Eggs – Avocado – Salsa – Nutella: No, not all together! When you wake up, take a spoonful of Nutella – no additions necessary – ingest. Then make your eggs, avocado and salsa and there you have it – a healthy breakfast that’s worth every single hazelnut calorie. (Just don’t let anyone see you spoon the Nutella right out of the jar… that’s definitely not healthy, but remember no one can judge if no one sees you!)

nutellaAs for me, I do love Nutella, but I tend to not eat it for breakfast. I will have it occassionally if I happen to go out for breakfast and that Nutella French Toast dish is just calling my name. It may be fudge, but it’s Italian fudge and they’ve been eating it since the 1940s… it can’t be that bad right?

My tip, just eat in moderation. And just admit to yourself, yes it is chocolate, but adding a bit to your morning breakfast in lieu of that chocolate hazelnut latte will most likely save you a few calories. Everything in moderation, right Chrissy?

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