Getting Fit at The Atlantic Club

It’s officially summer and boy is it getting hot out there. This means two things: 1) We’re jumping into some sort of body of water whether it’s the Atlantic or the pool and; 2) We have to now wear minimal clothing to do so. Yes, ladies and gentlemen – bikini season is upon us!

Now don’t go running back into your house and blasting the AC. There’s really no need for that. Instead, make the best out of your body by choosing the right bathing suit (because seriously, too little or too much fabric really does make a difference) and getting your butt in the gym. For those of you in Monmouth County, you’re in luck because The Atlantic Club in Red Bank is seriously one of the best places to get your booty back into bikini shape.

Getting Into Swimsuit Shape at The Atlantic Club

the atlantic clubOk, so what’s the big deal about The Atlantic Club? It’s just a gym, right? No. It’s way way more than that. From a state of the art workout room to a gorgeous swimming pool, expansive spa, delicious and nutritious food, nutrition guidance, and yes, all of your favorite classes, The Atlantic Club truly has it all.

Spend the morning sweating it out on the treadmill or pump it up a notch with cycling and Barre classes. They even have Aqua Barre – yes you read that right! It’s Barre in the shallow pool. We’re pretty sure that might be the best route to a bikini ready body. And since it’s always a good thing to stay limber both in your mind and body, be sure to attend some of their yoga classes from Vinyasa to Kundalini, you’ll find your fit.

As I always advocate, being “fit” is not just being able to be physically active. It’s important to learn more about what the effects of what you’re putting in your body which is why speaking with The Atlantic Club’s nutritionist is the perfect supplement to making you feel great.

the atlantic club red bank

Lastly, and in my view, most importantly. Being healthy is even more than your activity level and what you’re eating on a daily basis. It’s about feeling healthy, not just looking healthy. Even if we’re sporting six pack abs and can run a mile in under 6 minutes, if we don’t feel good on the inside, no amount of physical exercise can make you feel good on the outside. So use The Atlantic Club as a jumping off point to get back in touch with your body – after all, it’s the only one you have.

The Atlantic Club
325 Maple Avenue
Red Bank

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