Getting Cheesy at The Cheese Cave

I recently met a woman who said that her daughter, who normally eats just about anything, told her the other day that she “doesn’t like cheese anymore.”

“What?” I said.

“But there’s like a thousand varieties of cheese!” my husband explained. (He’s about right, except that there’s more. Almost every country has their own type of cheese, and the list doesn’t stop at one. According to Google, there’s over 1,000 types of French cheeses alone!) “You can’t say you don’t like cheese because they’re all so different!”

the cheese caveAnd there lies the reason why The Cheese Cave in Red Bank is so important. What may have been a world where we only knew we liked mozzarella and chedder becomes a world where we also find out that the smoked gouda or the artisan goat cheese from France is also a favorite.

The Cheese Cave has a mission “to promote the finest artisan cheeses” to their community, which means that cheese from all over the world can land up in their case and therefor on your plate.

And if you’re confused as to what cheese you’d like to try… just ask one of the cheesemongers who make it their business to know cheese.At the head of the cheesemongers Steve Catania, owner and operator and grand cheesemonger. (My title for him). Aside from Steve, The Cheese Cave cheesemongers know a thing (or a thousand things) about cheese. From pairing cheese with wine and beer or knowing just how our favorite cheese are made with the help of fermentation, they’re there to give you the down low on everything from the latest and greatest to the can’t do without classics.

And if you’re around on Fridays, be sure to stop in for the $5 Fridays where you can bring your own bottle of wine and for just $5 pair it with a sample of cheeses. I promise, this really does exist and it’s a blast.

The Cheese Cave
110 Monmouth Street
Red Bank, NJ

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