Cooking With Love

I talk a lot about recipes and living a healthy life in this blog – very important parts of a healthy life, but not the full picture.

This past weekend, I lost a friend who lived life to the fullest. She  loved what she did and even more, she loved the people around her. She was a fixture in the community, always supporting others, however she could. Her passion for life was infectious. I remember being on the phone with her talking about an idea I had and after hanging up the phone, I was so so fired up  – her passion had ignited my passion.


This woman also happened to be the owner of  a well-known restaurant for over 20 years. A restaurant that brought Cajun food to the Jersey Shore in a way that only she could put together. Yes, the food is delicious, but I’m pretty sure the main reason people kept coming back because it was like walking into someone’s house as they greeted you with open arms, a warm smile, and a big pot of spicy jambalaya.

Not only was she an amazing cook, she was also a talented writer. Her words would captivate you as she told the stories of the countless characters that she had brought to life (check out some of her writing here.) I remember walking into the restaurant a few years back when she told me that one of her short stories was published. She was so excited and received such positive reviews. She also published her first cookbook “Sittin’Bayou Makes Me Hot” featuring stories and recipes that will warm your heart and your kitchen.

After hearing that she had left this world, I looked through past photos of us, most of them featuring big dorky smiles. (Most of the photos that others have shared share the same resemblance – she was always smiling!) I then sat down and read through her cookbook, eventually stopping on the cover where she had written:

photo 2-3

That was her. Always telling you to cook with love and live with laughter.

My point in this post is not to make you depressed, but to point out that living a healthy life is so much more than the food you put in your body and the time you spend exercising. I’m not an expert, but I know that when I’m eating well, exercising, practicing mindfulness, and being around loved ones, sharing joy and love, that’s when I’m at my best. That’s when life is at its fullest. We tend to get so caught up in the diet crazes and new exercise fads, and that’s all ok, as long as we remember that there’s so much more to our existence. We are social beings, beings that need to love, need to be loved, and need to share. Yes, we can be a little selfish sometimes, and that’s ok, it happens to everyone. We just have to remember that life is worth living and sharing and food is such a big part of that.

The thing is, when you’re living with laughter, cooking with love and spending time with loved ones, that’s when food becomes medicine. Yes, eating a healthy diet packed full of vegetables will keep you moving and grooving, but the love that you experience with others and the zest for life that comes with those experiences is what truly will keep you healthy in the long run. After all, how else can you explain how your Grandma’s chicken noodle soup made you feel better? It’s not just the ingredients that matter, it’s how you put them together too, just like in life. It’s not what you do to live, it’s how you live that makes the difference. 

Give your loved ones a hug today and remember to live life to the fullest. Tomorrow isn’t promised, yesterday is gone, we only have today. 




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