Book Review: The Body Book

If you haven’t heard about Cameron Diaz’s book The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body then I urge you to go to your local bookstore and buy it – now. I’ve always been a huge fan of Diaz, but this book has made me jump up for joy. Her frankness about the human body combined with her eagerness to learn how all of its systems, organs, and cells work together just so we can breathe, walk, run, eat, sleep, and think is refreshing.

As a holistic health advocate, I’m constantly advocating balance. Living in balance, eating in balance, exercising in balance. It’s when we are in excess or a drought that our systems become unable to run at its optimal level. Diaz agrees. Through her book she wants to “help you connect with your body and understand its basic needs and functions so that you have the knowledge and confidence to go out into the world and be the healthiest person you can be.” That statement, all by itself, is a reason that I’m promoting this book for every single person of any age. Especially women.

An Advocate for True Health – The Smart Way

photoReading The Body Book will bring you up close and personal with your body including how the food you eat effects every single part of your body from your skin to your gut to your mind. Diaz also sheds light on her own personal battles including her fast food obsession that included two bean burrito tacos and a coke every single day for three years. (No one is perfect!)

You’ll understand what “hunger” actually is and how your body is an “elegant machine” that needs the right fuel. How learning to eat the macronutrients and micronutrients that your body craves is so important to your health. Diaz does a great job on describing the how and more importantly, the why. Why does our body need protein? Why does our body need healthy fats? Why do our cells need minerals? The processes are described in a way that allows you to understand without being a doctor, a nutritionist, or even having a background in any sort of health related field. Diaz speaks to everyone.

Beyond the Physical Body

Not only does Diaz focus on the body’s physical attributes, but she also focuses on the mind-body connection (read my article on page 4), which is something that is often times left behind in books about health and well-being. You can be eating all the fruits, vegetables you want while exercising, training, and drinking lots of water, but taking care of your mind is just as important.

Diaz asks readers to admit that their body is amazing, embrace the concept of getting older, turn knowledge into action, strive for consistency, and aim for that “yeah!” feeling. Learning how your mind works will not only help you stay happier and healthier, but it will also set you up for success with improved discipline (to help you modify behaviors like ordering that grande latte every afternoon) which will lead you to success.

Most importantly, one of the main reasons I love this book and recommend it to you, my readers, is that the goal of the book isn’t to promise weight loss in 7 days, or acne free skin in 14 days, or even a husband in a year. Instead, it’s about learning to love yourself and treat yourself accordingly forever. Kudos Cameron on an inspiring book that was released at a time when women (and men) need it most.

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