Allergies… They’re Coming – Stop them Now!

Now that spring is upon us and we’re finally getting that warm weather we have desperately yearned for, most of us will be suffering from the plight of seasonal allergies. (Cue the dreadful music!)

For many, if not all of us, the quickest relief for allergy symptoms is to take an over the counter pill such as Zyrtec or Claritin. I know many people who take it everyday or they land up with a sinus infection and have to go to the doctor. However, these pills are definitely not a miracle pill. They’re often associated with unwanted side effects including drowsiness and irritation.

But wait… there’s hope!

What if I told you that you don’t have to be miserable throughout allergy season? What if I told you that you could do it without any over the counter or prescription drugs?

If you’re interested, read on. I know you’re skeptical, I was too until I started doing my research!

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Nutrition Bars, Sports Bars, and Vegan Bars – Oh My!

EnergyBarsHave you been to the “nutrition bar” aisle in the store lately? Yes, most stores now have their own aisles dominated by what is usually referred to as nutrition, sports, and meal replacement bars.

They come in everything from fiber plus, to fat free, to low calorie, and even vegan. Even though they’re marketed as snacks, they usually contain enough calories to be a meal on it’s own. Careful marketing by companies tend to blur the line between their product being a meal replacement versus an occasional snack.

Now, before you throw out all of your bars, listen to me. I’m not saying that all bars are bad. I definitely eat them sometimes.

The key is to eat “nutrition bars” occasionally, not as your usual morning routine. 

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What is a Health Coach (and why in the world would you need one?)

The term “health coach” may seem confusing to some, after all what would you do with a health coach in your life? How would your life be made better?

A health coach is someone who will stand by your side as you learn to navigate your way to a life full of health – glowing, positive, abundant health.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with unhealthy foods, cheap meal replacements, confusing and often times contradicting information, long work hours, and stressful lives, a health coach is the support system that you need to help you figure out how to stay healthy even though it may feel like the odds are always against you.

As your health coach, I am committed to integrating nutritious and delicious food into your lifestyle.

tumblr_miq0o02hyw1ron275o1_500_largeWhole Foods ~ Whole Life

It’s not always easy, but with me by your side, you’ll be able to get through the bumps in the road, because let’s be honest, there are always some on our journey.

I will also help you enjoy the journey (bumps and all!) because health is not just a destination, it’s a way of life. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we should be doing or how we should be feeling that we forget where we are at that very moment.


With me as your health coach, I will help you realize how to make simple and easy lifestyle changes during your journey so that you can appreciate every moment.

Not only can I be your guide to better food, but also to a fuller life, one where you’re feeling energized and living your life to the absolute fullest. Why wouldn’t you want a life that’s bountiful?

Being your health coach, I will integrate a plan that’s completely fit to your specific needs and body. There’s no “one size fits all plan.” That’s ridiculous! I will work with you to find out what your body needs, not what anyone else needs.

If you’re ready to take a leap and live up to your full potential and be energized again, contact me at or fill out this form and I’ll contact you! Click here. We’ll start with a free 50 minute consultation so you can get to know me and see if I’m the right fit for you – because it’s all about YOU!

tumblr_m72b0dYe1b1qj3fzro1_400After all, you ARE worth it!!!


As always “Bee” Well,



P.S. Spring is the perfect time for a reawakening of your body, life, and soul. Take a cue from Mother Nature as she transforms. You can transform too!