Positive Thoughts for 2014

positive life2013 is coming to a close and often times I find that many of us look back on the year and think “Oh my, I’ve done nothing with my life.” All those self-doubting thoughts rush to the front of our minds and we stumble into the next year, thinking that we can do more. Well we can always do more, but it’s more important to look on the positive aspects of your life.

So what does this have to do with your health you ask? Everything! When we don’t love ourselves then we’re hurting ourselves. Telling yourself that you’re lazy, fat, stupid, ugly, lonely, etc. is just as bad for your body as eating a bag of candy with a pound of fries.

If 2013 was truly an awful year, then put it behind you and keep moving forward. You want to learn from the past – not live in it!

Today I stumbled upon a great article by a woman who decided to love her body, just the way it is, and love herself, just the way she is. What happened when she did that? Success. I found the below excerpt to ring true in my life and maybe you can find the same likeness:

“What I’ve found on my journey of happiness and fulfillment is that successful change often takes scrappiness; it takes sacrifice, passion and the will to persevere through sometimes uncomfortable situations. I vouch for most of the people living in my generation when I say that we live for change.

We start companies for a cause, we contribute to a news source, we volunteer, we donate, we teach, give back—we live to do something that makes a difference in our world—and in us. We’re scrappy, we put pieces of beloved odd jobs together and try our damnedest to build our own yellow brick road.” ~ Emily Nolan Joseph

The last sentence hits close to home for me. I have taken the leap to teach people how to help their bodies and their minds by eating well and treating themselves better. Whether it’s through coaching, writing, or researching, I know that I’m making a difference. I feel scrappy sometimes because I’m constantly trying to build a foundation with what sometimes feels like sand. But, I know that I will eventually create a ‘sandcastle.’ It just takes time, patience, and lots of love.


As 2014 comes into our lives, start embracing yourself and see what happens. Whether it’s taking care of your body a little more by eating better, exercising or learning to love yourself, it’s a much better “resolution” than “I’m going to lose 15 lbs.” Start affirming how amazing you are and eventually you’ll believe it – as will the people around you.

If you’re looking for someone to take that personal journey with, contact me and I will gladly be your guide to a healthier you, inside and out.

As always, ‘bee well,’


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