Non-Stick Honey – Yes It Exists!

As you may know already, I’m a fan of honey. A huge fan of honey. I have over 10 different types of honey in my cabinet from organic, to spicy, to Maine blackberry and I love them all. Everytime I’m out, I have to take a look at the latest honey products, especially during farmer’s markets.

Nektar Natural Honey CrystalsI put honey in almost everything from yogurt, tea, barbecue sauce, salsa, ice cream – you name it, I’ve probably tried it with honey (ok maybe not everything – but you get my point). So when I was given the chance to try Nektar Naturals Honey Crystals™ I jumped on it. I had heard a bit about the new product from other bloggers, namely Jersey Bites, but had yet to see and try it. And it doesn’t hurt that Nektar Naturals is from a neighboring town.

Jeremy Edelman, Founder and President of Nektar Naturals based in Belmar, NJ and his associate Andrew was nice enough to send over a box for me to sample and I’m so glad he did! I wasn’t expecting the honey to be completely granulated, even though that’s the website boasted. They’re similar to the look and feel of the Raw Sugar packets, but instead of processed sugar, it’s 100% all natural grade A granulated honey! One packets equals one teaspoon of honey but without the sticky mess. I think it’s perfect when you can’t bring your jars of honey along for teas on the go – where were they years ago!

I added the honey to my tea that evening and it disolved quickly, giving my tea the same taste of honey that I would have received if I had added some of my liquid honey. The next day, I decided to make some homemade rhubarb jam, substituting a quarter of the sugar with the honey packets. The result was delicious!

Besides jam and tea, I’ve been adding Nekat’s Honey Crystals™ to homemade baked beans, greek yogurt, and even my margarita! I’m not a coffee drinker, but I would love to hear from others whether it’s tasty in coffee as well.

Not only are they convenient, but if you haven’t read my previous posts about honey then I’ll give you some reminders. Honey is low in the glycemic index (which means you get a jolt in energy without the insulin jump that you would from sugar), contains natural antioxidents, polyphenals, and electrolytes, and also contains anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-septic qualities. It’s known as a superfood because it contains calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, and selenium.

Basically, honey should be added to your diet and if the only reason you didn’t deal with honey before was because you didn’t like getting messy, well Nektar Naturals™ has made that excuse obsolete.  To find out where you get your box of honey crystals, visit here.

And be sure to let me know what you’re doing with your honey!

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