“The secret to …

Travels in Tuscany
Travels in Tuscany

“The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” ~ Lucille Ball

2012 was a crazy year. I got married, quit my desk job, and decided to pursue my passion of writing and living well with healthy food, yoga, and peace of mind. I realized life isn’t waiting for me to step up to the plate, it’s just zooming by, leaving others in the dust while things just keep changing and the calendar turns.

Now that I have jumped on that metaphorical train, I am taking charge. This website will bring you a wealth of information that I find will help you live a whole life. People have so many different interests and it’s important to be creative in every avenue. For me those things are cooking, understanding the true value of real food, mindfulness, yoga, traveling, writing and basically living well.

So, welcome and enjoy. Let your creative juices flow and enjoy everything that I’m offering!

I’m looking forward to sharing other secrets of living well with you.

xo Melissa (MBeeWell)

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